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What we Believe

Eating a plant-rich diet is better for your body, and better for the planet.

Arlene is a bold range of plant-based meals that are top-quality, delicious and affordable, so more people can discover the joy of eating a healthier diet.

Culinary diversity Arlene believes in putting the best tastes of the world on your plate. Our plant-based dishes are co-created by chefs and include much-loved flavours from Asia, Americas, Europe, and the Middle East.

Sustainability Arlene takes a responsible approach to the environment with eco-friendly packaging and production.

Inclusive  Our dishes are suitable for vegans, vegetarians and “flexitarians” alike. Flexitarians eat a well-balanced diet of plant-based and animal proteins meals.

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Inspired By

A passionate athlete inspired Arlene’s Founder Helene to get into plant-based foods. Her son Max is an avid basketball player who moved to a “flexitarian” diet after he saw the benefits it gave his coach and teammates. A flexitarian mainly eats plant-based foods but will eat some animal products now and then.

“Max said he had more energy. He was fitter. He felt better”. Helene was so curious she also tried eating the flexitarian way. “I have more energy, focus and feel I can conquer anything that’s thrown at me!”

Aside from a healthier lifestyle, we also feel we could contribute to the betterment of the planet by being a flexitarian. It’s really a win win situation!

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Why sell our products?

Arlene believes in the power of a flexitarian diet. As more meat-eating consumers strive to be healthier and more environmentally-friendly, while also eating well, integrating a plant-based diet is no longer an afterthought, but it is fast becoming a conscious choice. Arlene provides an amazing selection of super tasty items from all over the world, crafted by internationally renowned chefs who have artfully developed each delightful recipe. So join the movement, boost your business and make your customers happier than ever.

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Our Best-selling products

Arlene plant-based dishes are co-created by Chefs and inspired by international flavours. The range features favourite meals and snacks from all over Asia, Europe and The MiddleEast.

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Great for Flexitarians

Eating a plant-rich diet can reduce the risk of heart disease, cancer, and other ailments, which is why the World Health Organization (WHO) identifies plant-based eating as the most environmentally sustainable. Arlene's creations provide a healthy alternative for people who still love to eat meat, but are trying to maintain a healthier lifestyle and be kind to the environment.

People who Believe in us

Cuttino Mobley
American NBA professional basketball player

"Being a flexitarian for me has changed my body at my age to a machine. When I was younger I could eat anything and it did it matter. Now I have to be careful and with this habit it gives me energy because it’s a healthier way to get everything you want and still perform at a high level. I stay focused."

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