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Arlene is a global kitchen dedicated to crafting a bold new line-up of internationally inspired artisanal meat-substitute delicacies with a taste sensation indistinguishable from their meat-based counterparts. Ideal for flexitarians and meat-lovers alike, Arlene products provide an environmentally friendly alternative for people who want a great culinary experience while limiting their consumption of meat-based foods.

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Inspired By

A passionate athlete inspired Arlene’s Founder, Helene, to get into plant-based foods. Her son Max is an avid basketball player who moved to a "flexitarian" diet after seeing the benefits it gave his coach and teammates. A flexitarian mainly eats plant-based foods but will eat some animal products now and then.

“Max said he had more energy. He was fitter. He felt better”. Helene was so curious she also tried eating the flexitarian way. “I have more energy, focus and feel I can conquer anything that’s thrown at me!”

Aside from a healthier lifestyle, we also feel we could contribute to the betterment of the planet by being a flexitarian. It’s really a win-win situation!

22 Questions with Max Raudaschl,
ambassador of arlene

From our Founder

Helene Raudaschl, Founder of Arlene
Helene, The Visionary of Arlene

Helene Raudaschl

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Helene Raudaschl built her path to success by achieving outcomes that others said could never be done.

Having created Singapore’s first-ever air-dried meat plant to critical acclaim, she then took her culinary magic to Dubai, where she opened a manufacturing facility to provide Halal-certified meats to the Arab world. Her next triumph was Arlene, a line of meat-inspired delicacies crafted to fill a void in the marketplace for plant-based versions of popular meat-filled dishes that are traditional staples of most international cuisines.

“I set out to create a brand that can reach out to a much more multi-cultural world,” Raudaschl says.

Arlene offers everything from kebabs, dumplings, international appetizers, to dim sum and ready meals, replicating the meat favorites of many people but on a plant-based platform. Crafted exclusively for all vegans, meat lovers alike, it is available in foodservice and retail formats. The taste satisfaction of Arlene is the focused point of our design. For us, taste is our first utmost priority.

Our Team

Arnaud Thulliez

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Arnaud Thulliez brings to his role as Indoguna’s CEO and Executive Chef a passion and entrepreneurial spirit built upon his family legacy in the foodservice industry from the North of France.

Together, with chairman and founder Helene Raudaschl, Thulliez launched Indoguna Productions in 2012 to bring high-quality, Halal-certified, foods to customers throughout the Arab world.  Thanks to their new product line, Arlene, Indoguna delivers meat-inspired delicacies designed to fill a void in the global marketplace for plant-based versions of popular international meat-filled dishes. 

“By offering creative international flavors, Arlene is both a disruptor and a leader in the food market,”. He notes that plant-based diets are a sign of a rapidly changing cuisine and lifestyle landscape.

We constantly ask ourselves, 'Can food truly change our world?'"

It is a question that Thulliez – and Arlene – answer every day.

Benson Thomas

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Benson Thomas began his professional path in 2012 after completing his Chartered Certified Accountant qualification (ACCA).

Before joining Indoguna Productions FZCO in 2017, Benson was an audit senior for Kreston Menon, Dubai, where he ran comprehensive audits as well as due diligence assignments for mergers and acquisitions.

His passion & commitment made him a sought-after finance professional at Kreston Menon and he quickly rose from an associate to an independent auditor, then Audit Senior. Five years at Kreston Menon enhanced his strategic thinking, technical skills, and the professional values needed to drive any organization forward in a fast-changing world.

Benson is both passionate about the food industry and manages the financial part of the operation in today’s complex market. As part of his continuing professional development, Benson is currently pursuing the chartered financial analyst program, one of the highest distinctions in the finance profession.

“The finance industry is very demanding and increasingly complex. At Indoguna Productions I get to work with a fantastic team which I believe is an ace up my sleeve.”    

Kamal El Sayed

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Operation and Meat Processing Manager Kamal El Sayed is Indoguna’s man behind the scenes, ensuring the quality and overseeing the production of delicate and handcrafted halal products.  

Following butchery stints with several of the finest hotels and restaurants in Egypt, Dubai, and Qatar, El Sayed launched his career at the Four Seasons Egypt before moving to the Shangri-la Dubai. He later became the Butchery Commissary Chef de Cuisine for the opening of the Monarch Hotel Dubai. From there, it was off to the Westin le Meridien Resort in Dubai before relocating to Qatar where he worked in the St. Regis Qatar prior to joining the Indoguna production team in 2015.

 “I’m driven by my passion for halal meat products... I draw inspiration from local flavours and ingredients, blending them with the various techniques acquired from around the world to form new experiences.”

Zhang Xiang

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Convenience Food Production Manager Zhang Xiang brings years of training and experience from the finest hotels and restaurants in Asia and the Middle East to his position with Indoguna.

Inspired by Hong Kong’s Golden Age style of fine dining, Zhang is responsible for a full line-up of specialties wholly reflective of the nations in which he has worked. Having launched his career in China, he moved to the old Hong Kong Tea House Restaurant of Raffles Hotel Singapore, working under the leadership of legendary Chef Jeff Wong.

He later brought his wealth of Asian culinary experience and knowledge to Dubai as Dim Sum Chef for Da Shi Dai, nominated as the city’s best Chinese restaurant. Before joining Indoguna, Zhang was part of the Opening Team for Shangri La Abu Dhabi.

“I love dim sum, the varieties of different styles and techniques, which can be both simple and complex at the same time.”

Arlene Ambassador

Max- Flexitarian

Max Raudaschl

Max is a 20-year-old avid basketball player and a passionate flexitarian. His lifestyle as a flexitarian has given him renewed energy, focus, and strength. With this passion, he continues to influence and convert others to be a flexitarian for the betterment of oneself and the planet. He firmly believes that one’s health stands above and beyond anything else in life. Read more about Max's purpose.

Global Kitchen

Arlene embraces diversity and inclusion in both their food and attitude! Populated by a truly global team with roots spanning across the world, Arlene’s culinary experts are passionate about creating the tastiest foods spanning all cultures and flavors.

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North and south america
Chili Sin Carne
Kebabs, Sambousek, Falafel, Kibbeh
Spaghetti with Bolognese
Dumpling with Sze Chuan Sauce, Siew Mai, Crystal Vegetable Dumpling, Green Bean Gyoza, Chili Gyoza, Truffle & Cabbage Gyoza

Middle East

Falafel, kibbeh, kebabs

Asia and Australia

Siew mai, dumplings

North and South America

Chili sin carne

Europe and Africa

Spaghetti bolognese

North & south america
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A variety of crops such as potatoes, sweet potatoes, cassava, complemented with meat and fish. Also grains; primarily rice, corn, and beans.

Like Chili Sin Carne with Rice
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A wide variety of regional crops leading to diverse starchy dishes.

Like Bolognese with Spaghetti
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Rich with spices, seeds, and herbs, such as cumin and coriander.  A strong history of plant-based foods.

Like Kebabs, Falafel, Kibbeh
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Some of the common ingredients include rice, ginger, garlic, sesame, chilies, dried onions, and soy.

Like Dumpling with Szechuan Sauce, Crystal Vegetable Dumpling, Siew Mai, Spring Rolls

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