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Why serve our products?

Your Customers want it

Shoppers are eating more plant-based foods to be healthier and to limit the impact on the environment. Eating plant-based cuisine is now a prominent feature of mainstream food culture - especially with Millennial shoppers aged 23-40, and Gen Z shoppers aged 8-22.

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• 26% of millennials around the world identify as vegetarians, 59% of which are female.

• Sixty-five percent of Gen Z say they want a more "plant-forward" diet, while 79% choose to go meatless once or twice a week. They believe you don't have to be vegan to eat more vegan foods.

• Gen Z are also embracing "flexitarian dining," with vegetables at the forefront coupled with a complementary protein, such as an egg.

• Arlene has internationally inspired artisanal plant-based ready meals, which includes Kebabs with Biryani Rice, Dan Dan Noodles and Gyozas. This is a much wider range than other companies, which tend to focus on burgers, sausages, and sliced meats.  

• Almost 50% of Gen Zers say they would pay more for foods they perceive as healthier, compared to 32% of millennials, according to a Tufts Nutrition Report.

• Two out of three Americans are eating less meat for health reasons.

• Over 25% of dinner meals in the UK are now vegetarian or vegan.

• Around 8% of the world's population are vegetarian, rising to 31% in India.

• Research from the Hartman Group found 51% of people had purchased either dairy or plant protein alternatives to meat in the past three months. Their researchers concluded, “being flexitarian is no longer a niche lifestyle choice.”

Sources: Food Institute,  American Egg Board, Faunalytics, Statista, Vegetarian Times, Tree Hugger, The Dairy Reporter, NeilsonIQ, The Hartman Group, Tufts Nutrition Report

Great Tastes Designed by Chefs

Your customers want dishes that look tempting and taste delicious every single time, with great texture, aroma, and presentation, and the bonus of being easy to cook.  Arlene is all that, plus the fact that it is designed by a strong culinary background team that makes eating deliciously well the priority.  

Dishes are created from the meat favorites from international cuisines like Kebabs With Biryani Rice, Gyozas, and Dan Dan Noodles, to name a few. You can now offer customers what they want in diversity and availability without the hassle of making each and every one yourself!

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The power of partnership

Quality assurance + Food Safety

Let us help your sales team craft the appropriate messaging and strategy to maximize your sales effort.

We provide well-presented sales decks and information to your Sales teams, customers, and stockists. We support and stand by our Arlene product range with state-of-the-art food & hygiene systems and protocols. Plus, key-focused quality management systems, offering you and your customers an assurance of quality and consistency

Our facility is certified 100 % Halal with a sustainable ecosystem to ensure further peace of mind regarding the focus we put on food safety, hygiene, and quality management standards.

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Culinary solutions

Arlene plant-based dishes are designed by a very strong culinary team. We understand how important it is to eat deliciously each and every time.

It benefits your customers and has a direct impact on the success and profitability of your business. Our solution? Giving you the tools to serve each Arlene plant-based dish to customers' satisfaction, each and every time!

At Arlene, everything is done with a professional chef's focus on taste and excellence. You can then focus on other areas that are more needing your attention!

It is indeed a Win-Win Situation with Arlene.

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Consistent on your plate

What Chefs want: High quality, consistent results

Chefs are always striving for precision and consistency. At Arlene, we understand this need for professional perfection. Arlene is designed by chefs, for chefs - so you are assured Arlene dishes give excellent results for you and your team, every single day.

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Chefs Who Love Arlene

Matthew Leong

Matthew Leong is Sous Chef of A L'aise, a MICHELIN Plate restaurant in Norway. He won the 2019 Bocuse d'Or Singapore Selection and will represent his country in the Bocuse d'Or culinary competition in 2021. He's worked at two-MICHELIN-starred restaurant RE-NAA in Stavanger and at Tippling Club and FiSK in Singapore.

Bruno Menard

With over 35 years of experience in top restaurants and hotels in Asia, Europe and the USA, former 3 stars Michelin chef Bruno is now a successful culinary consultant to clients all over the world. Chef Bruno inherited his passion for cooking from his family: his father was a famous chocolatier in France.