5 ideas for the tastiest dishes in 5 minutes!

April 22, 2022
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Chef Mathew Leong is the youngest candidate to have represented Singapore at last year’s Bocuse d’Or in Lyon, also known as the Olympics of the culinary world. He has created delicious gourmet dishes with Arlene plant-based meals - mouthwatering meals you can create your kitchen in just five minutes. Watch the videos to get the recipes.

5 Minute Vegan Siew Mai:

Plating tips, killer dips and transforming plant-based, ready-made cuisine. Mathew Leong dishes on his 5 minute classic dim sum bite, Siew Mai.

5 Minute Vegan Spring Roll:

Mathew takes on the challenge to transform ready-made, plant-based cuisine in 5 minutes. A sweet & spicy dressing gives zing, freshness and a makeover to the classic dim sum snack.

5 Minute Alt Kebab and a Veg Garden:

Protein craving? Slab on a spicy (vegan) kebab paired with grilled zucchini and Chimichurri sauce. Juicy, succulent and crunchy deliciousness!

Fusion Soup: Gyoza and Green Pea Puree

New take on the Japanese dumpling – simply place in a quintessentially European soup and haute up with lemongrass and truffle infusions.

MeatlessKebab Pancake

Re-work your plant-based Arlene® Pistachio Kebab into a wholesome, delicious and stunning potato pancake bed alongside pickled vegetables and a sensational lime dressing!

About Mathew:

Arlene’s newest brand ambassador 27 year-old Chef Mathew Leong started out at 13 in Singapore at the Tippling Club, Fisk, Open Farm Community and Ritz Carlton), Mathew left for Norway to become chef de partie at two-Michelin-star restaurant Renaa then Michelin Plate restaurant À L’aise in Oslo, quickly rising to head chef in just over two years.

Now back in Stavangar, Norway as head chef at Renaa, he will once again represent Singapore at Bocuse d’Or 2024/2025 to, in his words, “win, of course. You don’t go to Bocuse d’Or, with a team of people, having trained with a specially constructed kitchen for two years, campaigned for millions of dollars to bring your entire team to Lyon, to lose.”