7 Best Vegan-Friendly Wellness Resorts

July 21, 2022
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Traveling as a vegan is challenging, especially with all the amazing local food offerings. Vegan ventures often require extensive research which can wear you down and make your trip less enjoyable. However, with these seven vegan-friendly resort options, simplicity and relaxation is only a flight away.

Natural homegrown garden at Stanford Inn

1. Stanford Inn, California, USA

The Stanford inn is a 4-star, 100% vegan, boutique hotel situated in Mendocino, California. If you crave a rustic and cozy escape overlooking a gently flowing river, then this is the hotel for you. It provides a wellness center for those who seek tranquility as well as offering skill-based classes such as yoga, tai chi, cooking and gardening. Breakfast is even included at their on-site, nationally acclaimed, plant-based restaurant, Raven’s restaurant. You can even bring your pets along with you to share this lifetime experience!

Private Beach

2. Palmaïa, Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

If you seek a truly all-inclusive, cruelty-free, luxury stay then pack your bags and head to Mexico. Immerse yourself with everything this 5-star sanctuary has to offer. A serene, sparkling beach lies at your doorstep for you to explore and relax, coupled with the perfect location for some strife-free stargazing. All four hotel restaurants provide plant-based menus but with optional non-vegan add ons, which is particularly accommodating for those traveling with non-vegan company. All furniture and toiletries are cruelty-free! This resort is perfect for those who want to be involved in a community experience as it offers night-time attractions, such as live music and flamenco dancing, not to mention yoga, meditation, sound healing and a holistic children’s program.

Lounge room with a pool view

3. Finca Victoria, Puerto Rico

Finca Victoria is an oasis cocooned by its flourishing vegetation. This tropical destination is idyllic for adult getaways. Most ingredients are grown directly from their on-site garden and served at their Ayurvedic vegan restaurant, which can be tasted at your included breakfast. A new one-time chef hosts every Friday night for you to explore new plant-based dishes. Pop into their 24-hour store to browse the vegan snacks, essential oils and accessories. Enjoy a massage or join a yoga class, while viewing the beautiful landscape where both sunrise and sunset can be viewed. When the nights are completely clear, the stars burn brightly and sometimes, the Milky Way can even be seen!

Aerial view of Koukoumi Hotel

4. Koukoumi Hotel, Mykonos

Take a trip and stay at the first vegan hotel in Greece! This 5-star getaway is fully vegan and cruelty free so do not worry about bringing your own toiletries. It is extremely sustainably powered using solar water heaters and biological wastewater purification. Their restaurant provides the most unique plant-based dishes that are truly to die for in which you will be able to have a taste at breakfast. However, in order to be served lunch and dinner you must opt for the all-inclusive alternative. Find your inner peace at their rejuvenating spa and train your body by joining their exercise sessions.

Rolling hills at the vineyard

5. Agrivilla I Pini, Italy

Agrivilla I Pini is another truly vegan haven nestled in a vineyard in Tuscany. The land is sincerely respected and nurtured, giving you a paradisal ambience throughout your stay. Dip into their natural saltwater pool and embrace the aromas of the sweetly scented olive groves. Not only has it been renovated to be environmentally friendly using locally sourced materials, but it has also kept its rustic Tuscan character. Ingredients are largely sourced from their own organic garden which is then creatively crafted to produce scrumptious plant-based meals. It is closely located to San Gimignano, perfect for adventurous travelers who want to fully immerse themselves in the medieval culture of Tuscany.

Find your peace and balance at Kamalaya Resort

6. Kamalaya Resort, Thailand

Experience a life-enhancing vegan-friendly retreat in Thailand. This resort offers an abundance of vegan options making your vacation as easy and ideal as possible. Lie down by the beach and take in the nourishing rays of the sun as you fix your eyes on the silver-lined horizon. Rejuvenate your skin at their holistic spa, find balance by joining a yoga session, and detox your whole mind and body at this asian bliss. You can even optimize your health by learning some new plant-based recipes. If you're feeling particularly stressed or emotionally imbalanced then Kamalaya’s wellness sanctuary is perfect to feel renewed and spiritually awakened.

Poolside View

7. Being Sattvva, Bali

This 4-star all-vegetarian retreat, offering a plethora of vegan options, in Bali is perfect to focus on yourself or to feel a sense of serene intimacy with your closest friends. Although it is tucked away in the teeming greenery of the rainforest, the local town of Ubud is only a free shuttle bus away. Engage yourself in the traditions of Balinese culture and what the local, organic gardens have to offer for your wellbeing and restoration. It is important to note that as this is not an all-vegan hotel, ensure that you ask for a vegan meal when you order.