Lazy Girl’s Guide to Eating Less Animals, More Plants

April 3, 2022
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Lazy Girl’s Guide to eating more plants,
less animals

Lazy Girl’s favourite past times include a wide variety of healthy activity in mostly supine positions.

OK it sounds a bit morbid, but here it is. I’m carnivorous. Homo sapien. But. I want to live longer. I want Earth to live longer. And while we are at it, I want all living animals to live longer too.

Also, I’m vain. I want to not just be able to run and play when I’m 80, but also to look slim and pretty way into my 60s. It’s all a woman wants, to be honest. Oh, and a healthy, happy family. And world peace. And good hair days everyday. Ok we want a lot of things. But top of the list: a healthy body that looks good too.

There is only one problem: I am very, very lazy. I don’t like to cook, wash, clean, iron and/or hoover my own car, housekeep or work hard at anything for more than half an hour each time (and even then only if I really have to, like hit the gym or run, or risk having my untrustworthy weighing scales lie to me over and over again).

So, the most effective way, and trust me ladies, I have lived a long time and flirted with every known diet, gimmick, slimming machine or treatment, sibutramine pill, medically-run weight management programme on the planet and there is only one thing that works long term: Diet and Exercise.I say one thing because you can’t have one without the other. And the bad news is, you can run a marathon every week or twice a week but girl, if you eat badly, it won’t matter how much you exercise.

And if you must exercise might as well get insta selfies

The other problem I have: I am very, very greedy. I love food. All sorts of food. Steak, Chinese, Japanese, Indian, Burgers, fast food, haute cuisine, street food, desserts, chocolates, snacks, whatever.Unfortunately I’m not fussed.

It is a miracle I am healthy, fit and yes, luckily I’m still attractive for my age (my mirror says something else; but hey, everyone needs a healthy dose of daily delusion). No sorry, it’s not a miracle. I lost tons of weight on keto, but that didn’t last. I became super fit with running daily and eating just eggs in the morning and a full meal in the early evening, but have since reverted to the old 3 meals a day plus snacks regime. You name it, I’ve tried it. Honestly, the only thing that works is diet adjustment. It’s not really how much you eat, it’s what you eat. Eat plants. Less meat. Less carbs.More protein. Tons of veg and fruit. Substitute meat with plant-based foods, lab-grown, or plant substitutes.

It’s that simple, really. Best start: stock your supermarket trolley 3/4 full of veg, fruit, plant-based, meat substitutes or lab-grown.Then the other quarter with protein-rich foods like eggs, milk, fish, lean meat, protein bars. When you get home, cook at least three or four times a week with foods you know won’t harm your body or the earth.

3 Cheat Dinners:

  1. Brunch for dinner (no toast)
  2. Soup, salad and (frozen Arlene) plant-based ready-mades (with low-carb wrap)
  3. Beyond/Impossible burger patty (no bun) with avocado, egg, salmon & tons of veg

Snacks: Coffee, tea (slimming Rooibus or green tea!) and protein bar, fruit, nuts, Arlene® siew mai, hard-boiled eggs with Marmite (yum!)

Tip: Skinny milk has tons of sugar, don’t bother.

Hip factor: You get to eat meat a couple times a week and call yourself Flexitarian.

Done. You’re welcome. Let’s lie down now. 😇

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Author: Rachelle Yeo is the editor at Third Space, a community for creatives to connect, collaborate and create in. She is also the editor at creative agency Vita Vitae and founding editor at Unlocking ADHD. The former editor of several women’s magazine titles in fashion, beauty, entertainment, health, fitness and mental wellness; she is also mother of three and director of the family healthcare business.