Savvy Girl’s Office Lunch Challenge

May 17, 2022
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I have once again put on another 5kg according to my frenemy, Halen (aka that untrustworthy ally of mine who I met in Ikea, the bath scales). No thanks to Knots, this gorgeous restaurant near my office. Food is delicious, ambience is green and wonderful. You feel like you are dining in a gorgeous, glass-domed greenhouse in a Greenwich park. I have gorged there almost everyday of the week for about two months.

Then I realised how much money I had spent on lunches and what they had cost my girth. Even if $20 is a good lunch deal on its own, multiply that by two months and some tight camisole tops and skirts later, you realise you’d better start scrimping.

The only way to do that and still enjoy the gossip and candour of your lovely colleagues, is to make them cook for you. But you don’t want them to think you are making use of them so you issue an Office Challenge in the name of creating content! I almost want to snigger at my own cleverness, but Savvy Girls don’t do that.

Of course, in order to show a good example, I started the Office Challenge with a Japanesey 5-minute, no-real-cooking offering:

Savvy Girl’s 5 Minute Office Lunch:

  1. Soba (5 minutes of boiling) with shredded nori in dipping sauce
  2. Arlene’s Truffle & Cabbage Gyoza (5 minutes of pan or air frying)
  3. Cold silken tofu with Chuka Wakame (sesame seaweed salad) and Miso puree (all store bought and ready to eat from your friendly Japanese or Asian supermarket)
  4. Salad in sesame dressing (both easily store bought)
  5. Sashimi (store bought)

Drink: a refreshing cold ice green tea (if your office has a fridge – if not, just get tea bags and serve hot!)

Style Tip: Wash your soba pot and gyoza fry pan (or crumple your air fryer baking sheet) slowly with a few sighs thrown in for added halo effect 😇

Hip factor: Thanks to the fish in the sashimi, the entire meal is Flexitarian 😇

Phew. That was hard work! I had to look busy at the stove and graciously accept all the compliments and thanks from my colleagues turned firm allies. All the while controlling those honesty facial twitches. Convent upbringing – what can I say? 😇